January 2019   
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"I am so well fed at the Lutheran Church of Hope!" (Kathy)

"The warmest people you will ever meet!  If you are looking for a church family who will lovingly and joyfully help you discover the joy of the Lord, you should visit the Lutheran Church of Hope in Loveland."  (Sherri, Nebraska)

"If we were living in Loveland, I know where we'd be going!" (Roland, Nebraska)

"It was with great joy that I attended the Annual Meeting of the LCH on January 29, 2017.  Everyone in attendance had given of their time, talent and treasure during the past year.  I am particularly thankful for the Prayer Warriors and those 'behind the scenes' volunteers who are able to help out at a moment's notice.  We are truly BLESSED." (Keith)

"My husband and I have been members of the Lutheran Church of Hope for several years.  We go...and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We leave refreshed and ready to face another week with hope, peace, joy and love." (Patsy)

"I really like the hymns we sing in worship... the music is great!" (Phyllis)

"This is the most loving church I've ever been a part of."  (Roberta)

"The LCH is a very unique congregation.  It maintains a marvelous balance of pure doctrine and personal faith.  It honors and upholds the truth of God's Word while remaining joy-filled, loving, caring, and compassionate.  Fabulous unity!" (Pastor)

"I love our Sunday evening prayer meetings.  It's the highlight of the week for me!" (Greg)

"I really like the hymns we sing.  Great music!" (Waneta)

"Where has this church been?  I've been looking for a church like this for years!" (Joyce)