Confirmation Classes are offered for students, generally beginning in the 7th grade.  Our confirmation ministry is a two-year plus program.  Classes are normally held on Wednesday afternoons or evenings, with each class session an hour in length.  Over the course of this time, we cover the following subjects:

A.  Walking in God's Truth (31 sessions)

     1.  The Bible

     2.  The Ten Commandments

     3.  The Lord's Prayer

B. Living in God's Grace (30 sessions)

     1.  The Apostles' Creed (1st and 2nd Articles)

     2.  The Apostles' Creed (3rd Article)

     3.  The Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion)

C.  Our Lutheran Heritage (5 sessions)

     -- Martin Luther, the Lutheran Confessions, the Lutheran Free Church/AFLC distinctives, our own congregation...


Interested in enrolling your child?  Contact Pastor Schram 970-290-2334, or email: