WMF (Women's Missionary Federation) is a women's ministry of the congregation, whose purpose it is to awaken and deepen interest in and love for the kingdom of God, at home and abroad, thus sharing in the great missionary enterprise of the Christian Church.

The offerings of our WMF help support AFLC World Missons work in the various countries that we have missionaries serving (Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Uganda), as well as the work of our AFLC Home Missions and Christian Education Departments.  

Locally, we seek to keep our congregation aware of our AFLC World and Home Missions work with activities and information.  We meet monthly for Bible study...

The Lutheran Church of Hope WMF is made up of all the adult women of the congregation.

We invite you to come, be a part of the great missionary enterprise of the church!

For information regarding our national WMF, go to our link tab, click AFLC, and from their web page: Minstries/Women.